Create an SMS or MMS Campaign

By Cindy Le

Our interactive campaigns enable you to rapidly build a list and talk to thousands of shoppers at once with beautiful segmented outreach. Clients that use campaigns regularly drive up to 40% in additional mobile messaging sales.

Our MMS messaging service allows you to send creative, engaging campaigns that include an Image or GIF. For a regular SMS text campaign, don’t upload an Image or GIF.

We recommend sending weekly campaigns that complement your promotions and announcements in other channels.

It’s easy! Here’s how to do it:

Log into your SaveMySales dashboard and click on Campaigns.

Scroll to the bottom and click Create New Campaign.

Next, enter your Campaign Name and select the date/time for the campaign to be sent. We recommend that you keep “Remove recently texted contacts (Recommended)” checked to prevent any contact that has been texted in the last 48 hours from being included in the campaign.

For an MMS campaign, upload an Image or GIF, and add your text. For an SMS text campaign, don’t upload an Image or GIF.

Fill in the remainder of your campaign data.

Select the recipients for your campaign and then click Schedule Campaign.

Have your own list of customers that you want to text? Our team just shipped the ability for you to upload CSV lists of your customer date to build custom segments! Learn more here.

And that’s it! Your recipients will receive an awesome campaign message that they’re able to reply directly back to for live support! 

Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at

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