SaveMySales Launches Connector for Shopify Flow

By Cindy Le

We’re excited to announce that SaveMySales is among one of the first partners to integrate with Shopify Flow.

Shopify Flow is a new e-commerce automation platform that enables the easy automation of tasks and ideas within your store and across your apps. 

Optimize your time. It’s quick and easy to create automated workflows with SaveMySales’ triggers and actions. Everything can be done within Shopify Flow’s visual workflow editor – without any technical help!

Cultivate a personalized experience for customers. With access to more triggers from other apps within Shopify Flow, you’re now able to build a more personalized experience for each step of your customer’s journey.

Innovate through experimentation. Increase conversions and ROI by building, testing, and learning from a vast number of unique workflows.

How does it work?

Our Shopify Plus merchants can experiment with countless workflows by applying unique combinations of triggers, conditions, and actions – all integrated within Flow.

A workflow is built with three elements:

  • Trigger – an event that will invoke an action, such as: the start of a workflow
  • Condition – the settings (or set conditions) that determine if an action should run, such as: if $100 or more
  • Action – the conversion event or final step taken

“The first trigger that SaveMySales created for Shopify Flow is an action that allows you to send a text message.”

What can you do with SaveMySales’ Connector?

The first trigger that our team built for Shopify Flow is an action that allows you to send a text message (send a text to a given number with a specified message body).

You can connect SaveMySales to various apps within Shopify Flow (like Enquire Post Purchase Survey, LoyaltyLion,, Gorgias) to build out numerous workflows; for example:

1. Reward points to a customer and send a text.

This workflow uses Enquire Post Purchase Survey, LoyaltyLion, and SaveMySales to award users with loyalty points every time they complete a post purchase survey, and then sends a text to the customer informing them of their new points.

2. Get notified by text when inventory is low.

This is a simple workflow that uses Shopify’s built-in triggers to notify a specific phone number that inventory has fallen below 10 units. 

This is only one example of the many built-in Shopify triggers available that work well with the SaveMySales connector. To see a full list of the available triggers and actions, go to Shopify’s Flow reference page here.

3. Respond to poor customer reviews immediately.

This workflow uses Stamped.ioGorgiasLoyaltyLion, and SaveMySales. When a customer leaves a review, will trigger an event that a review has been recorded which then leads to two conditions based upon whether its a favorable review or a poor review.

If it’s a poor review, a ticket is filed in Gorgias and an apology text is sent. If it’s a favorable review, the customer receives reward points via LoyaltyLion and a thank you text letting them know.

It’s easy to turn on the SaveMySales Flow Connector. 

The only requirements are to be on Shopify Plus and have SaveMySales installed on your store. You must also have the Shopify Flow app.

  1. Within Shopify Flow, click on the Integrations tab
  2. Locate the SaveMySales Flow integration
  3. Click Enable

These workflows are just the tip of the iceberg! Stay tuned for more updates as we build out more integrations. For more information and details on set up, see our full Shopify Flow + SaveMySales documentation here.

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