SMS Marketing Tips for Labor Day

By Cindy Le

Summer is almost ending, which means that marketers need to have a solid plan for using mobile to promote sales and retain customers during Labor Day weekend.

SMS campaigns are a key player in mobile marketing for Labor Day Weekend. 

Our team recommends that you schedule SMS & MMS campaigns in advance to complement the sales and promotions that you’re running in other channels like email, paid advertising, etc.

"While the back-to-school rush is already in full swing, schools in some regions of the company as the East Coast do not start back up until after Labor Day, meaning that many families that wait until the last minute will be scrambling to get everything they need over the holiday weekend. Mobile is a great way to engage the hordes of Labor Day shoppers and influence their purchase decisions with well-timed offers."

- Mobile Marketer

Everyone knows that holidays are valuable marketing topics for any brand. But as effective at driving sales and “pleasing” customers as they are, thinking of a campaign to run that’s both unique and exciting isn’t easy. We’re here to help!

When running a holiday campaign, keep in mind that it’s not always extravagance that will captivate and engage your customers. Your objective is to trigger fond memories of the holiday in a timely manner and evoke emotional reactions so that your customers take action.

With SaveMySales, you can make your message conversational and personal since we will respond back to your customers and help them through any questions or hurdles.

Instead of being aggressive with language or graphics, you can lightly bring to attention Labor Day Weekend using:

  • festive colors
  • relevant imagery
  • seasonal choice in language
  • seasonal products or services

We recommend scheduling at least 3 campaigns to help your shoppers get the most out of your brand’s Labor Day Weekend deals – 

  1. an early bird promotion – run this the week or a few days prior to Labor Day Weekend, 
  2. a general Labor Day Weekend promotion – run this throughout the weekend
  3. an extended weekend promotion – run this for a few days after the weekend

Needs some ideas? Here are some messages we love:

Hey {{first_name}}, this {{sms_persona}} from {{display_name}}. I just made you a special deal to use at {{domain_name}} to beat the Labor Day Weekend rush! Use code ‘USA’ by Friday at midnight for $20 off your order. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey {{first_name}}, this {{sms_persona}} from {{display_name}}. Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you have some fun things planned. I wanted to add to the fun by giving you 15% OFF your order anytime this weekend at {{domain_name}} with code ‘USA’. Let me know if you have any questions!

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a large list of subscribers in your SaveMySales database, you can upload a CSV of your pre-existing customer data to build a custom segment that you can send an SMS or MMS campaign to. Learn more about CSV Uploads here.

Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at

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