Navigate Your SaveMySales Dashboard

By Cindy Le

As you’re building a subscriber list, sending campaigns, and recovering sales. It’s important to track sales to analyze performance. 

Let’s navigate through the SaveMySales platform together with a focus on analytics. 

1. Overview

This section of your dashboard is a great way to take a look at overall performance.

Sort by custom time periods to view analytics on your Opt-In Rate, Reply Rate, and Conversion Rate. You can also see the Number of Customers Reached, Total Sales, Number of Orders, and Average Order Value (AOV) attributed to your mobile-messaging efforts with SaveMySales. 

Scroll down to see the Conversations section. This section is great to view the messages that shoppers exchanged with your brand and help you get a better understanding of what pushed them to place an order (or any concerns that prevented them from ordering). 

Search Conversations by First Name or Phone number. You can see where each conversation originated from (Abandoned Checkout, Opt-In Pop-Up, or Campaigns), the Number of Messages, if a customer placed an order, and the date of the last message.

2. Campaigns

Navigate to this section of your dashboard to see general statistics about your subscriber list and analytics attributed to each SMS or MMS Campaign that is sent. For example:

  • # of messages scheduled
  • # of messages sent
  • # of replies received
  • # of orders placed
  • total revenue from the campaign
  • status of the campaign

This data is useful to understand what types of deals or language best resonates with your subscribers. This will help you improve your copy for future campaigns!

Stay tuned for more updates as our team keeps shipping new features and updates! 

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