Upload CSV Lists to build custom segments!​

By Cindy Le

Have your own list of customers that you want to text?

Our team just shipped the ability for you to upload CSV lists of your customer data to build custom segments!

This new feature enables you to import subscribers and target specific customers during your SMS marketing campaigns.

Try it out today!

Getting Started

Navigate to your SaveMySales dashboard and click on Campaigns.

Under the number of Total Subscribers, click on Import Subscribers.

Next, you should see a pop-up with instructions on how to upload a custom segment of subscribers.

Download the template CSV file to see the format of how to add your customer data. The required fields for upload are:

  • Name (ex: Jane)
  • Phone Number (ex: 19175968068)
  • Country Code (ex: US)

Name your custom segment accordingly and confirm that you obtained legal opt-in consent to text the numbers.

Click Upload to import your subscribers.

After you click Upload, it will bring you back to the Campaigns page. Scroll down, click Create a Campaign, and fill in your campaign information.

Under Select Recipients, choose the new custom segment that you want to send your campaign to.

Click Schedule Campaign and that’s it! Your custom segment will receive a personalized campaign just for them.

Stay tuned for more updates as our team keeps shipping new features and updates! 

Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at support@savemysales.co.

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