Manage Your Discount Codes

By Cindy Le

As you scale with SMS, it’s important to manage and keep track of the discount codes that are being offered to shoppers.

The codes listed in Discounts are offered by our live agents to your shoppers when they abandon checkout. Within the Discounts page, you can view the codes, values, and if the codes are active in SMS. 

Use the Discounts page to add new codes, update the value of any codes, and temporarily activate or deactivate codes. These codes are also used to attribute orders to messages being sent via SaveMySales.

Our messages are designed to look like your store’s best customer service team at work. As a result, our most successful stores use a discount code that is slightly better than the best discount codes available via email or other retargeting channels.

We’ve found that the best discount codes only need to be 2 points higher for the customer to feel loved. So if your current best discount is a 10% offer, offer 12% off through SMS. If your best discount is 15% off, offer 17% off through SMS.

Step by Step:

  • Log into your SaveMySales dashboard and click on the Settings icon
  • Click Discounts on the drop down menu
  • Click Change Code on the right side to change the value or edit any code
  • Use the checkboxes to activate or deactivate any code
  • Click Create new Code to add any new discount codes. Make sure that you have created the discount code within your Shopify Admin Panel. 

Stay tuned for more updates as our team keeps shipping new features and updates! 

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