Faster Campaigns, Test Messages, Optimized Messages, & More

By Cindy Le

As we move into Q4 and the holiday season, our team has been working hard to give you the best SaveMySales experience. Here are some of the biggest updates that we’ve shipped over the last month:

1. Send campaigns 2x faster.

We improved the campaign sending experience to be 2x faster!

2. Send test SMS and MMS messages.

You can now send a test message to yourself to make sure that your message looks exactly as you intend it to before sending to your subscribers!

SaveMySales Campaigns GIF

3. Improve your campaign message strength.

Our platform can now help you improve your campaign message strength. As you’re typing in real time, our algorithm judges your message’s quality to help you create the best experience for your customers!

4. Optimize your messages with feedback.

Send feedback directly to our team to help us optimize your brand’s messaging experience.  This can be done within any conversation on any message sent by our team. Just hover over a message to see a thumbs up or thumbs down. Make your selection and give us your feedback! Read more about giving feedback here.

5. Save time by duplicating campaigns.

Duplicating campaigns is now supported from the Campaigns page. Click ‘Copy’ on the right side of a previous campaign to duplicate the campaign. (Note: everything except for the segment is duplicated so you will still need to re-select a segment that you would like to send the campaign to.)

What are you waiting for? Go and take advantage of these new updates and features now!

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