5 Tips to Crush Your Q4 eCommerce Marketing

By Cindy Le

It’s officially Q4 and there’s a few months left for you to crush sales and end the year on a high note. We’re here to help set you up for success.

Our team curated a few basic e-commerce marketing tactics to help our Shopify merchants delight shoppers and drive more sales during this last quarter.

1. Plan your holiday season strategy

Before you start doing anything, it’s important that you understand your marketing budget is and put together a plan for the holidays. We recommend that you plan the marketing content and promotions for various key dates like:

  • Columbus Day Weekend
  • Halloween
  • Veteran’s Day Weekend
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
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It’s never too early for e-commerce merchants to start promoting content for these holidays. According to Yesmail Interactive, 38.1% of people start their Christmas shopping before November which jumps up to 69.8% of people starting their Christmas shopping before the 1st of December.

This means that during the majority of Q4 leading up to Christmas, nearly 70% of shoppers are in the Christmas buying mood.

2. Implement a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Targeting shoppers across multiple channels land to 190% more sales so it’s important that you can get in front of shoppers on as many channels as possible when you launch new marketing content or product promotions.

To put together an effective multi-channel marketing strategy, you must understand your customer personas and where potential customers may be hanging out online – target them accordingly through these channels. The most popular channels are Facebook / Instagram, Google, Email, and Amazon.

However, for the modern marketer, SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly essential channel as a direct line of communication to get in front of shoppers, recover lost sales, understand customers, and increase customer engagement.

SMS can be used as part of a multi-channel strategy for engaging with customers at each stage of the purchasing channel to help increase conversions and ROI. Check out SaveMySales as an option for building a personalized SMS marketing strategy that will impress your customers and help them build a relationship with your brand.

3. Tighten up your Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Checkout Recovery.

study from Salescycle found that 79.17% of shoppers abandon their cart. This means that you are losing out on major sales if you don’t have a strong abandoned cart and abandoned checkout recovery strategy in place.

There are various email marketing tools that you can use to build a strong abandonment campaign. Try a series of emails that vary by time and offers after they abandon cart. For example, an email after 1 hour reminding them that they left something in their cart, an email after 4 hours with a free shipping offer, an email after 12 hours with a 10% off offer, etc.

SMS (or text message marketing) is perhaps the most direct route to customers when it comes to DTC marketing. With a 98% open rate and a 5x click rate compared to other channels (such as email marketing), SMS is a more casual and less threatening channel for customers.

Recover lost sales by using SaveMySales abandoned checkout recovery. After a checkout is abandoned, your shopper will be texted by a live agent that can answer questions, remove barriers to purchasing, and assist in driving a conversion!

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4. Build a retargeting strategy using Facebook Ads.

If you have the budget, you should be running Facebook Ads. Try some retargeting Facebook ads for various segments of website visitors, shopping cart abandoners, and checkout abandoners.

As a Shopify merchant, you can easily upload a product catalog to Facebook so that you can also dynamically retarget shoppers with the exact product(s) that they were interested in. We recommend you break this down by various time frames so that you can give increasingly better offers the longer that it’s been since they visited the product page, abandoned cart, or abandoned checkout. Learn more about how to put your Facebook Ads on autopilot with Shopify here.

5. Up your customer service game.

Did you know that businesses lose an average of $75 billion each year due to bad customer service? The secret to building a successful customer service strategy is making everything as easy and convenient as possible for your shoppers.

Start by optimizing your website. Your product pages should be clear and concise to the customer. Include product guides, sizing guides, and shipping guides. Build a strong FAQ and support center where customers can go to answer their own questions. Make your checkout process as easy and simple as possible.

If you’re using SMS as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy, use SaveMySales. 50% of all SMS marketing messages will result in a response, and your reply is crucial to maximize conversions and create a positive customer experience. That’s where SaveMySales comes in.

Our world class team of live agents has driven up to a 20% increase in sales by PROMPTLY answering customer questions, providing suggestions, offering deals, and up-selling. Our team is trained to build 1:1 relationships and rapport with your shoppers, all on your brand’s behalf!

For most e-commerce merchants, Q4 is the most profitable time of the year and with some advanced planning, it can also be less stressful. Implement the five tips above and create an eCommerce marketing plan that converts customers and increases your marketing ROI.

If you’re not already using SaveMySales, try us free for 14 days! Let’s create less work for your team and build a positive customer experience together.

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