How to Build Your SMS Subscriber List to Drive Conversions

By Cindy Le

The average person checks their phone about every 12 minutes. That’s nearly 80 times a day.

Building an active SMS subscriber list can stop brands from missing out on potential conversions and engagement with customers. We’re here to help.

SaveMySales has built two incredible features that can help build your SMS subscribers, increase your brand’s awareness, and conversions – which in turn drives revenue. But before we get into the features, let’s talk about the importance of building a subscriber list.

1. It’s affordable.

SMS can substantially reduce communication costs for your business. What better way to reach out to your customers with a marketing campaign than to send that message directly to the palm of their hands?

2. It’s interactive.

When you reach out to customers via text messages, there’s the added bonus that they can reach right back out to you. They love that. It’s personal.

Whether you’re reminding customers of an upcoming sale, letting clients know about new offers, or simply sending quick notifications, you’re sending communications directly to the palm of your customer’s hand who can then reach right back out to you quickly to get any of their questions or concerns answered.

3. It works.

Research indicates that 98% of text messages are read, which means that customers will open the SMS communications you send.

With this in mind, businesses are turning to SMS to build brand awareness, create customer loyalty, drive customer acquisition, and improve customer service—while at the same time trimming down operating expenses by encouraging customers to self-serve.

Let's talk features.

Our latest (beta) feature, Opt-In Pop-up, can help build your subscriber list quickly and with ease for both you and your customer. The Opt-In Pop-Up allows you to quickly acquire subscribers by collecting phone numbers from your website visitors.

After opting in, your shoppers will receive a personalized text that starts the conversation with your brand. You can customize this feature from your SaveMySales dashboard to fit your brand colors and decide what the initial message you want shoppers to receive. Once a shopper opts in, they receive a text message with your welcome offer.

From there, they can have a full conversation with a SaveMySales live agent where they can have all of their questions answered – therefore, giving them a great customer experience and increasing brand conversion.

If you haven’t already, set up your Opt-In Pop-Up now – it takes 3 minutes!

And of course, don’t forget about our Abandoned Checkout Recovery feature that is guaranteed to rapidly build your SMS subscriber list.

A study from Salescycle found that 79.17% of shoppers abandon their cart. This means that you’re losing out on sales by not having a solid strategy in place. With the Abandoned Checkout Recovery feature, our team will immediately send your abandon cart customers a personalized text and help save the sale in real time. You can log into your dashboard and see sales being recovered instantly.

The Abandoned Checkout Recovery feature will also build your subscriber list. The feature is designed so that you can text those same customers in the future using Campaigns to make additional SMS offers that will convert.

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SMS marketing is a somewhat hidden gem amongst the advertising world. It sounds fancy, perhaps even mysterious. At SaveMySales, we believe it is genius.

If you’re not already using SaveMySales, try us free for 14 days! Let us help you build your SMS marketing strategy so that your can run your business more efficiently and keep your customers happy.

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