5 Reasons to Include SMS in your BFCM Marketing Mix

By Cindy Le

The average person checks their phone about every 12 minutes. What about during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? These stats will multiply as people are on the go and on their phones shopping either online or in stores. If you are using SMS marketing for the holidays, your sales will multiple as well.

On Black Friday/Cyber Monday, people will be running around looking for the best deals and most often while waiting in lines or dodging crowds, they will be checking their phones for the next place to shop or to find a better deal online. You will want your brand or product directly in the palm of their hands.

So why use SMS in your BFCM Marketing Mix?

1. SMS (aka text message marketing) is perhaps the most direct, immediate channel to get in front of consumers.

With a 98% open rate and a 5x click rate, SMS (a.k.a. text message marketing) is perhaps the most direct, immediate channel to get in front of consumers compared to other channels (such as email marketing).

It’s fast, it’s direct – and with a 98% open rate, the chances that your message will be opened and read is almost 100%. 

During Black Friday and Cyber Week, customers are on the go. They may not see your email right away but they will get your text with your exclusive offer.

2. SMS can increase your top-line revenue by recovering lost sales.

Sending a text when a checkout is abandoned can increase your chances of recovering the sale. SaveMySales‘ Abandoned Checkout Recovery feature allows you to customize messages when someone abandons to save the sale and customer experience.

You can customize the text message with any offer that you choose. You can offer a discount, simply ask if they need any help, or up-sell to similar products. Since the open rates are nearly 100%, the potential for you to recover lost sales is easy and your customers get super served by our world-class team of live agents.

Adding SMS to your marketing mix will help convert sales during Black Friday/Cyber Week as people may be busy and literally forget that they left items in their cart or had questions about the product and then got distracted. This will help them make buying decisions quickly and easily as the messages get to right away.

3. SMS marketing compliments the rest of your marketing channels.

A well-constructed marketing program will offer multiple steps where you’ll need to decide if it’s better to text your recipient or if sending an email does the trick. Or maybe a combination of the two is the right mix. SMS Marketing, like no other channel, delivers on consumer expectations of immediacy.

With billions of smartphones in use, marketers can now message nearly anyone in the world, instantly. So when your marketing calls for an immediate connection with customers — perhaps a time-sensitive offer or urgent business matter — SMS is the way to go.

It will compliment your email campaigns as well that are perfectly suited for communicating information that is more detailed, doesn’t demand a swift response, and is meant to be saved as a future point of reference.

4. Using SMS marketing can actually help you directly build 1:1 relationships and trust with your customers.

Shoppers appreciate messages that make them feel special, and especially when there are personalized responses from real humans that solves their barrier to purchasing.

Shoppers are more likely to buy from people and brands that they know and trust. They love that human interaction as it helps build trust and loyalty with your brand.

SaveMySales has live world class agents who are answering your customer questions, up-selling and helping to close the sale.

5. You can learn more about your customers when using SMS marketing.

SaveMySales offers a dashboard showing customer conversations from which merchants can track trends like commonly asked questions or concerns that may be preventing shoppers from purchasing.

This vital information can help you better optimize your e-commerce website for conversions. Maybe your customers are complaining more about your product pages and you can see that as a trend through your SaveMySales dashboard.

You can then address the issues and make changes right away. You can also communicate with your SaveMySales team and provide feedback on how questions and concerns are being addressed. It is a team effort.

Having SMS in your BFCM Marketing mix is an essential if you want to maximize your top line revenue during the biggest sales days of the year, increase conversions and offer world class customer support. This is your time to stand out against competition. There will be plenty of it out there this season but if you have an SMS Marketing partner like SaveMySales you are in great hands.

Try SaveMySales free for 14 days! Let us help you build your SMS marketing strategy for BFCM so that your can run your business more efficiently, take advantage of the potential shoppers, and keep your customers happy.

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