How to Optimize Your Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Conversions

By Cindy Le

Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) is a tremendous opportunity for your e-commerce business to make money. It may sound obvious, but especially if you haven’t run Black Friday deals before, you’ll want to make sure that your store is optimized and ready.

Last year, over $1.5 billion was collectively sold by Shopify merchants around the world during BFCM—and shoppers spent billions more throughout the four-day event.

Your customers’ wallets will be at the ready and they’ll already be flooded with numerous promotions and deals in their both email inbox and text messages. 

To convert these customers, your messages, customer service, and deals offered will have to stand out from your competition.

Here are some things that you can do immediately optimize your store for BFCM for conversions:

1. Plan to schedule multiple conversational SMS campaigns.

During this busy shopping holiday, your business should determine how customer service factors into your SMS campaign strategy.

Sure, you’ll be using text message marketing to alert customers of upcoming deals this Black Friday, so basic, short messages getting your point across may seem like the best option. 

SMS is meant to be a flowing conversation. It’s a two-way chat, allowing customers to respond to your messages and vice versa. You want to relate to them and their shopping experiences, especially during BFCM when they’re getting bombarded with numerous offers from all angles.

We recommend that you keep your SMS campaign messages conversational to provoke a response from your customer. Maybe ask them a question. Let them know that your brand is right there behind the texts to help answer any of their questions or concerns.

If a customer replies to your Black Friday texts with questions about the offer or your product or service, SaveMySales’ highly trained live agents are there to support your brand and help close the sale.

Once a conversation thread has been created, our live agents will be able to quickly change the tone and content to match your customers interests so that the right offer can be made.

Customers love the human interaction – especially through text. It shows that your brand cares about the customer experience. If you haven’t already, start scheduling your BFCM campaigns.

2. Set up your Opt-In Pop-Up to quickly acquire new SMS subscribers from your website visitors.

Since more traffic is guaranteed to be coming to your Shopify store during BFCM, you’ll want to make sure that your Opt-in Pop-Up is set up to acquire the maximum number of subscribers.

This will build your SMS subscribers for future marketing campaigns – including the ones that you’ll be sending out during the BFCM rush.

The Opt-In Pop-Up is very effective when set up correctly. Create a clear call to action, offer an irresistible incentive, and personalize with your brand’s voice and colors.

You can set all of this up in your SaveMySales dashboard so that you are ready to increase your subscribers during the holiday season.

3. Of course – Make sure that your marketing calendar is solid.

Know what sales and deals are running on each day and make sure that the message flows through your SMS campaigns. 

Having your marketing calendar organized will eliminate the last minute scramble and allow your team members to know exactly when/what deals and sales are scheduled.

4. Optimize your SMS Abandoned Checkout Message for BFCM.

Many other online retailers will be offering deeper discounts and incentives too, so you want to make sure that you stand out in your SMS abandoned checkout recovery message.

You can choose to promote a BFCM deal that is in line with your website deal or run a separate, more incentivizing deal. We highly recommend that you create a deal that is slightly better than what you are currently running on your site to quickly get shoppers back in the purchase flow. 

For example, maybe your store is offering 30% site wide sale on Black Friday. You might try an abandoned checkout message with a 40% off discount. 

Customers will go to your site and immediately see that the deal being offered via SMS is better – therefore, provoking them to make the quick conversion.

Let’s face it, customers are looking for the best deal out there and if your message stands out and is giving them more value, it will convert.

Preparation, planning, and starting early are the keys to a successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday. If this is your first BFCM, congrats! It’s guaranteed to be crazy, but treat it as a learning experience. Stay motivated and ambitious, set realistic expectations, and remember to enjoy the ride.

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