How to Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By Cindy Le

It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales events of the holiday season, so much so that, in recent years, they’ve combined to form Cyber Weekend. Our team is here to get you ready to make the most of the biggest sales opportunity of the year.

According to the National Retail Federation, over 165 million Americans shopped from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in 2018, raking in over $6.22 billion for retailers online and in-store. 

$2 billion (or 33%) of those holiday sales came from smartphones alone. 

The opportunity to reach customers during Cyber Weekend is huge. It also means that competition is steep. With so many retailers vying for customer attention, as well as the reality that the average customer is much savvier than before. 

Here are a few ways you can get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Week, and the remaining 2019 Holidays.

1. Create a Marketing Calendar with offers & promos for major holidays.

If you haven’t already, create a marketing calendar with offers / promos for all the major dates – Veteran’s Day, Pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, etc. It is important that you have a solid plan in place so that when it comes time to execute, you know exactly what needs done and when. This way you aren’t scrambling at the last minute and your team members have time to plan and execute.

You can use tools like AirtableAsana, or find some templates online that you feel comfortable with. This way you can keep track of the tasks for each promotion/offer and assign due dates to include specific team members. Creating a marketing calendar will help you and your team stay ahead of the holidays and allow more time to get creative with the offers and promotions that will drive more revenue.

2. Optimize your SaveMySales Abandoned Checkout Message.

Optimizing your SaveMySales abandoned checkout message during this time of year is something that you’ll want to do to help increase conversions. 

Many online retailers will be offering deeper discounts and incentives at the same time, so you’ll want your message to stand out. Making sure that your abandoned cart discount code is a little higher than the regular deals offered will further incentivize shoppers to checkout.

Making your abandoned checkout message personal is another way to stand out amongst the competition. Starting the conversation with the person’s name attracts much more attention by the recipient as they recognize this message is designed just for them.

It’s more than just another generic, automated marketing message like any other brand would send. Your customers will also be much more likely to open your message and notice your abandoned checkout offer especially designed for them. You can customize your abandoned checkout message here.

It’s important to make your main value proposition as clear and actionable as possible so recipients can see your exact offer and what they need to do to take advantage of it right away.

3. Set up SMS Campaigns leading up to holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & after. 

It’s just as important to set up SMS campaigns leading up to the holidays, during the big sales days and after the holidays – and not just for abandoned cart recovery. 

Holiday SMS campaigns can increase your sales by up to 20%. If your text messages are relevant and to-the-point, you will have a much higher success rate with SMS promotions during the holidays.

Here are some examples that you can use leading up to the holidays:


Thanksgiving, in November, many people are eating, spending time with family, and enjoying the calm right before the Black Friday storm. 

What else are they doing? How is your product or service relevant? 

Leverage your value.

Here are some examples:

“Hi Amy, are you prepared for cleanup after your family leaves? Here’s $5 to spend on your next order of cleaning supplies. Use the code “CLEAN5” at checkout.”

“Hey Sam, do you have everything you need to get through this Thanksgiving – all the cooking and housework? Read this article on how to cope with the stress of the holidays:”

Black Friday

You either love Black Friday or you despise it. It’s that day when sales are extreme, and so are shoppers. What do you have to offer your customers that they didn’t see elsewhere? Show them how being part of your mailing list is exclusive.

“Since you love us enough to share your phone number with us, we’d like to thank you. Come visit us online tomorrow between noon and 6:00 PM, and use code BFLove during checkout to enjoy $50 off.”

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday. While most people were out scrambling for deals on Friday, some people waited patiently over the weekend for the cyber world to start promoting their sales. Leverage this holiday – customers will be expecting it.

“Happy Cyber Monday, Alex! Save an additional 10% off your wish list items. Shop now at”

“Hi Amy, here is an exclusive deal for you: type in 516334 when making an order on our website and receive up to a 10% discount this Cyber Monday.”


Now that December is here, think about the typical consumer behavior. People were doing a lot of their shopping at the end of November, in preparation for Christmas, but they’re probably not done yet.

At any point during the holiday season, you can refer to this big holiday, but try to be mindful of your customers with alternative beliefs and customs – Christmas is, first and foremost, a family holiday.

“Hey, we’re curious, does the Johnson family celebrate the holidays? We have special presents for you! Fill out this form to receive the best offers (link to web form).”

“Merry Christmas, Alex! Enjoy a surprise discount on your last-minute shopping. Find out what you can save here:”

4. Make sure that you set reminders to turn on/off deals within SaveMySales after various promos.

As you build out your marketing calendar, it’s just as important to set reminders to turn these deals on and off within SaveMySales after various promotions that you are running so that your messages/discounts offered are consistent with the rest of your marketing channels.

To do this, go to your SMS Discounts and make sure that you create new codes and activate/deactivate those that are no longer running.


Preparing your store for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and remaining holidays does take some preparation, but it will be all worth it following some of the steps we outlined above.

Your marketing calendar will help you stay organized, your SMS campaigns will be set up and automated, and you can sit back and watch the magic of the holiday season happen!

If you’re not already using SaveMySales, try us free for 14 days! Let us help you build your SMS marketing strategy so that your can run your business more efficiently and keep your customers happy.

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